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What's really new is taking out cost. 

It's on everyone's mind as budgets are cut and the future becomes more uncertain. 

Where does it pay to spend money today?  To save money, most of all. 

If your company could gain more sales with a smaller sales force, that would take out cost without negatively impacting revenue.

If your company could identify which products have more future opportunity than others, you could streamline your operations more effectively.

If you could determine which providers could offer similar quality at lower cost, that would save you money.

Expedient can help you find those opportunities.

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Expedient Engagements

Recently, Expedient has been busy helping companies get through this difficult economy more successfully. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Worked with US group of international software company to determine if product was marketable.  Answer:  No, the product was antiquated and would need extensive enhancements to be successful in the US.  Result:  The company saved $12M by reducing their burn rate in 2009. 


  • Currently working with a major corporation to redefine and improve their growth and innovation process. Our strategy is to look across many industries to examine the practical approaches to applying innovation theory where a company has achieved high growth.  Although the project is still ongoing, we have already identified a number of areas for reorganization and ways to make the process more effective.  


  • Helped heathcare organization source providers for new technology required to effectively cut administration costs and streamline the process.  Answer:  Review vendors in the category and create a short list for RFP. Result:  Helped company save a substantial percentage of administration costs.


  • Major direct marketing insurance organization needed to open new channels because sponsored marketing was limited in the financial services channel.  Answer:  Assisted the company to establish e-commerce partners for direct to consumer online marketing.  Result:  More control over the profitability and growth of its programs.


  • Client needed to determine why it was losing bids it should have won.  Answer:  A key competitor was marketing to the client's major accounts list with up front bonuses when the clients needed money due to the market downturn.  Result:  Recommended client strategically modify deals with current major clients as stopgap approach to competitor's actions.


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