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Today, it is not easy to keep additional, experienced staff on hand for development projects.

By its nature, development calls for a special set of skills which may be needed infrequently.

Our staff have a variety of backgrounds, expertise and skills.

But every one has over 20 years of industry experience.

We have the resources you are looking for, for an affordable project fee. 

Claudia Clayton
Managing Director

Ms. Clayton is the principal consultant with Expedient.  She manages all client projects and ensures that every client receives the highest level of focus.

Claudia's experience spans over 30 years in major corporations including Citigroup, GE Capital and the American Management Associations.  With both Citigroup and GE, she served as a Vice President in development and strategy roles.  Her expertise includes insurance, financial services, loyalty programs, travel products and technology products and services. 

She was responsible for some of the most well-known loyalty programs for the Citibank cards portfolio, helped to re-position GE Capital's commercial paper business, managed quality teams for GE leasing divisions, was an in house consultant to GECC's 22 consumer businesses, served in the Corporate Affairs department of GE Capital, helped to develop some of the first e-commerce marketing programs with Citibank, and developed insurance programs for Citi's insurance services division.

Claudia's expertise involves business strategy, product development and redesign, product positioning, product marketing, new market or channel development, sales targeting, partnerships and alliances, and vendor sourcing. 

Prior to working at Citigroup, Ms. Clayton managed the marketing for seminars and conferences at the American Management Associations, and was the first marketing manager at the AMA to sit on the product development committee. In addition, she worked in the direct marketing industry in Los Angeles and New York for a number of years, managing every aspect of direct marketing programs. 

In the past 16 years, her consulting work has spanned numerous industries and strategic and tactical projects.  These include designing new products, helping clients to enter new markets, developing competitive strategies and implementing services at point of sale. 

By far the largest number of projects involved partnerships and alliances or vendor sourcing for a wide range of products and services in multiple industry categories. 

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